Collection: Raffle to support our fellow maker mama!

As I’ve said before so many of us are in need this holiday season. I feel it’s our duty and our obligation to help support those in need when we can. It came to my attention recently that a fellow maker and mama had some huge life changes that had sort of rocked her world just before the holiday season and as a result financially she is in a position of hardship as she tries to transition to the next phase in her life living on her own with her daughter. She is in need of basic necessities like household goods and a deposit to move into her own home and I’m hoping to be able to help her by raising funds through a raffle. Tickets are $10 apiece and winner will be polled next week I will be selling these through Sunday the 19th and then the raffle will be closed.

i will pull the winner on 12/23 , you’ll be entered into every raffle that you buy a ticket for. Winner will be announced on Instagram and thank you so much for helping supporting this mama. 100% of the proceeds will go to this mama in need ♥️

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